How to build a Charcuterie Board

Hello! and welcome to another post on the Not So Fast blog. Today’s post is about how to build my famous Charcuterie board. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, a charcuterie board is basically a large and very impressive cheese board with additional ingredients like fruit and nuts.
I presented mine on our big coffee table with brown baking paper as my base. Starting with cheese and crackers first, then build around with the cold meats and decorate with colourful fruit. Watch the video below to see step by step how I made my marvellous creation!

We hosted a dinner party last month and I posted my images below on Instagram and Facebook – follow me: @misssfiii and @notsofastblog

I thought this would make a fun time lapse video so I filmed the process, you can find the video here on my YouTube channel – How to build a Charcuterie board
I hope you enjoy watching – be sure to like, comment and subscribe!

I had a suggestion from a colleague (shout out to Conor) to make a full ingredients list so that other people could shop and build the same charcuterie board. So here is the full shopping list:

Bread and Crackers
Round sourdough loaf
Bread sticks
Mixed packet of crackers round and square
Long crackers
Dark seed crackers

Black truffle cheddar
Cumin gouda
Blue cheese (the stinkier the better!)
Camembert (for baking in the sourdough loaf)
Camembert for slicing

Cold Meats
Spicy salami
Glazed ham

Green grapes
Purple grapes
Dried apricots
Cherry tomatoes
Green apple sliced
Pear sliced

Smoked hummus
Basil pesto
Caramelised onion chutney
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Chilli jam

Cashew nuts
Green olives pitted
Green olives stuffed with jalapeños

Do you have people coming over this weekend? Are you hosting a wine and cheese night with your friends and family soon? Then why not impress them with a charcuterie board. It requires no cooking at all, just time and a creative eye – anyone can do it!
If you do decided to build one, please be sure to share with me on any social media platform as I would love to see yours 🙂

Until my next post,
Fi xx

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