Modern Love

Relationships: who decides what the ideals are? Is it the values you learned from childhood? Have your ideas of relationships evolved over time? Should you be like your parents and live the life they chose for you? Or should you follow your own path and break all the rules?
In this article I have chosen to write about the idea of modern love and how this could be based on your history. Lets start a conversation.

I used to think our ideas about relationships came from childhood and seeing how the adults around us behaved. What were their relationships like when you were young? How did they treat each other? Was there conflict?
If your parents had issues when you were young, do you think it affects your ideas about how a relationship should be? Do you have conflict in your relationships?
Could our choices in a partner be genetic?
Men’s and women’s roles in society have evolved over time and I believe that has an effect on relationships.
After a few months of thinking deeply about this topic, I know there is no single answer to cover the human race and I see that a lot goes into shaping someones ideal. It can come down to factors like your socioeconomic class and social influences – things you don’t really give much consideration each day.

I’ve been watching a TV show on amazon prime called Modern Love. Each episode is a different story with a different set of characters and how their non traditional relationships are showcased as modern love. I found this show to be really interesting as it challenges my ideas of what relationships are today. It depicts how beautiful, unique and sometimes complicated situations may not work out in the end according to “traditional standards” but these characters can still create a human connection that brings value to their lives.

The show pulls you in and makes you feel emotionally invested in each story in a short amount of time. The actors cast to play each role have been selected perfectly, for me Anna Hathaway’s character was definitely a stand out from the others. The music was chosen well and suited the settings. Each episode and relationship felt relevant and human, especially when you compare it to relationships on TV shows from 30 years ago. The show covers people from different classes, different races and different life stages yet there is no judgement which is so refreshing!

Over time, my idea of a relationship has changed dramatically. When I was young I used to think that as a woman I was meant to have a baby and be a stay at home mother while the man worked and earned money. As I got older I realised that idea wasn’t for me and I had different kinds of relationships that didn’t always have an end goal of having a baby and that was OK.
Not every relationship has to be this way.
Now that I am actually happily married (no children though) I still don’t have what many would consider a conventional or traditional relationship and I enjoy that, but why do I feel this way? At what point did I decide I wanted to be different? What influenced the decision to take my own path that was entirely different from my family? Some people go through life having the same bad relationships over again, so why do some learn and others don’t?

Do you think relationships are changing? Do you think its constructive and positive? Let me know in the comments below.

Until my next post, Fi xx

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