Spring and Summer 2020 Trends

“After winter always comes spring” while this quote can apply to many different elements of life, to me, it makes me excited for the next set of trends in the coming spring and summer seasons.

Yes yes I know that trends always come back around and repeat themselves, but this morning it was two degrees outside (in London) and its been raining all week – can’t a girl have hope for some sunshine?

For those of you who know me, you know I love anything aesthetically pleasing and that I am an avid follower of fashion week in the major cities New York, London, Paris and Milan. In the SS2020 collections I’ve spotted a few trends which I am really excited to share with you. Designs from Zimmerman, Balmain, YSL and more.

#1 – Shorts Story
Mini shorts worn with a blazer but also Bermuda shorts too – no matter what your shape or size, this look is so sophisticated and sexy. Better hit the gym and get to work – hello legs! MaxMara totally nailed this look and so did YSL.

#2 – Disco Collars – Let’s Get Shirty
I. am. obsessed. I LOVE anything mid century, ranging from the 1950’s, 1960’s and through to the late 1970’s. Aside from a vintage Christian Dior shirt I found at Pick N Weight in Covent Garden, I haven’t been able to find any shirts with large collars so I am super excited to rock this trend. BRB I’m about to go style my hair Farrah Fawcett style!

#3 – Bright Colours
Easily a favourite for me as I always love wearing colours, I don’t think you’ll ever find me wearing black in spring and summer. Neon green is my pick of the bunch, its so stunning when used in an elegant design like this dress below!

#4 – Tropical and Safari Vibes
Perfect for my vacation to Costa Rica next month in March.

#5 – Ethereal White Flowy Dresses
Long summer nights

#6 – Crochet
What comes to mind when you hear the word crochet? Is it your Nan’s crafts? Or is it super cute summer outfits? I’ll just leave these here and let you decide…

#7 – 1960s Wallpaper and 1970s Suits
Quite possibly my most favourite thing, ever.

#8 – Lace
Super feminine fabrics (I love you Zimmerman), sheer tops and statement linings. I also love the centre seem on leggings.

#9 – Vests
Hippie vibes or Boss B*tch vibes, which ever you prefer, either looks are so summer perfect.

#10 – Polka Dots
I never thought I would be saying this but I am loving this trend. I realised this week that I actually already own 3 polka dot items – you’ll see me wearing this trend in an up coming trip to New Orleans.

#11 – Bralettes
Not for the faint hearted! These barely there bralets are cuter than ever and look so edgy when worn under a fitted blazer or worn with a high waisted pencil skirt. Dont forget your heels!

Which fashion trends and designers have you spotted that your loving for SS2020? I’d love to know – leave your comments down below.

Until my next post,

Fi xx

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